Thursday, February 03, 2005

FLV to other... Revisited

A comment states that the flw2swf app has the same problem with nellymoser.
Another lead worth checking might be AVISynth that is a scriptable frameserver.
The German site Translated version offered a broken link to download a cgi or command line flw to swf converter. On I found what I suppose most be the same file flv2swf.exe. I don't have the time to try this now. Will get back when I have tested it.


Lowtech Solution! Rewire Soundmeowmeow has a suggested solution: one way to do conversion is use Action Script Viewer

Brian commented/added this Rewire solution

Was able to get the sound by using doing the following:

1) download audacity from

2) Select Wave Out Mix (middle of the screen just under skip forward).

3) Press Record (red round button).

4) Play the flash video.

5) Press Stop (beige round button) in audacity.

6) In audacity edit the clip and export (need to download lame extra).

As far as automating the process might be possible on linux if you can pass flv file to a process that can play up the flash video and then read from the sound card (directly from /proc probably). Should be possible to automate with a little/lot of work.

As for rivavx this is defintely a way to expand their product by taking the sound indirectly from the flv and merging it with video format that you want. Support for this type of merging is availible in ffmpeg so it's really a matter of waiting to see if they can make a product of it.


It seems like the war is lost. Had I seen this forum-discussion earlier it would have saved me two days of work and research! Didn't search for audio-codec when i A9'nd it before.

Some saples from the discussion

quote: Brandon Purcell @ Macromedia

> After some research I found no solution to your specific problem.
> Flash/FCS/Flash Player use a number of different audio codecs, but
> the two primary formats that audio in which audio is stored in a FLV
> are Nelly Moser format and MP3 format. However, there is currently
> no way to extract or convert FLV files into any other audio format.
> Thanks
> Brandon

quote: meowmeow70
We decide fold our solution based on macromedia FCS due to above reason. Stay away from FLV as much as we can.

quote: dlorenso
We contacted Sorenson regarding the NellyMoser codec to see if they'd sell us the decoder. Response was something along the lines of several thousand dollars plus restrictions that required profit sharing and/or more thousands. In addition, we would be unable to share the technology we build or make available as a service online...
...Perhaps we can ditch the FCS server soon too...
...Wouldn't it be great if macromedia could adopt formats like MPEG and MP3 into the FCS product? I'd pay for that. Meanwhile ... FLV ... come on Macromedia, open it up, gimme the tools, or it's useless.

It's like I was told from start. It's not a bug it's a feature... But we spent alot on the Flash Com Server and we have an flash webcam app that works very well. So we will try one more thing! My colleague Frank will create a drop folder on our MacOSX server and use Apple script to open the FLV in Flash MX and then export a SWF that I can convert to other formats...

The Video Kiosk on (in swedish).


There were some questions about why I wanted to decode FLV files to other formats. On JD on MX. The thing is we use Flash Communication Server to produce flash video from web cams. A lot of times we would like to present this content on other platforms, like on TV, even though the quality is low...

I could of course import it into Flash MX and Export a SWF and the convert it in any of the million of programs that can convert from SWF (I can actually import that file directly in Avid or AE) … But there’s no time for this and I want the Editor to be able to do it himself.

Then Tinic Uro told me about FFmpeg: A command line tool to convert one video file format to another. It’s an open source project and I couldn’t find any binaries for Windows or Mac OSX. I’m not really that deep into "hardcore programming" so I had some help compiling it and running it on Solaris. It felt like there were thousands of Options to mess with and we just couldn’t get them right... conversion failed.

Then I found Riva FLV Encoder that is like a GUI for FFmpeg and LAME (LGPL MP3 encoder). If I rename the file extension to an Extension of my choice, like AVI I’m able to convert the file from FLV to AVI… But only if I have unchecked Enable Audio! With Audio I get:
The encoding of your video file has failed. This can be caused by a not supported combination of parameters or by a not supported video codec.
I have tried different settings but can’t convert the file with sound.

But wait, lets try converting an AVI to FLV and back again... maybe it’s just something wrong or strange with the sound codec in the file created by Flash Com Server. Yes it worked! But oh, it had no sound. Lets try a MPEG with sound... created the FLV fine... coming back... No...

Must and will take time to read some documentation about the format and about FFmpeg. unless someone else can solve my problem...

A file produced by the Flash Com Server can be found here:

«Earlier idtech post on this topic


Blogger SnoboJohan said...
forum admin on Riva VX says:
"flvs created with the Flash Communication Server have a not supported audio-codec"

I will try to figure out what codec the Flash Com Server used. And get back.

1:16 PM  
Blogger brian said...

Was able to get the sound by using doing the following:

1) download audacity from

2) Select Wave Out Mix (middle of the screen just under skip forward).

3) Press Record (red round button).

4) Play the flash video.

5) Press Stop (beige round button) in audacity.

6) In audacity edit the clip and export (need to download lame extra).

As far as automating the process might be possible on linux if you can pass flv file to a process that can play up the flash video and then read from the sound card (directly from /proc probably). Should be possible to automate with a little/lot of work.

As for rivavx this is defintely a way to expand their product by taking the sound indirectly from the flv and merging it with video format that you want. Support for this type of merging is availible in ffmpeg so it's really a matter of waiting to see if they can make a product of it.

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one way to do conversion is use Action Script Viewer

This process requires flash pro version (of course)

1. You first convert flv to fla file using action script viewer
2. then import fla file to blank document of flash (pro version)
3. then publish it as swf file.
4. then using Action Script Viewer, extract mp3 file from swf file.

I am not sure which solution is more automatible.
Audacity or ASV. You could use automate 5.5 type utility.

Neither one is not scalable solution.

I am pulling my hair off with similar dilema.

this was my 2 cents. I feel your pain.

good luck. please keep it posted if you find scalable and automatible solution.

-- meowmeow

8:33 AM  
Blogger Burak said...


Action Script Viewer (ASV) has an add-on tool called ASVFAF. More info available at

It converts FCS FLVs to audio only FLVs that can be imported by Flash, also saves an empty FLA file with the correct frame count.

You import the FLV into the FLA, then export as SWF.

Then, ASV can extract the sound from the SWF.

This is not automated, because Flash cannot import a FLV automatically (JSAPI is limited). [We are currently researching a way to automate this].

This solution makes use of Flash, because Flash is one of the rare applications that can decode NellyMoser ASEO codec and encode MP3.

Best regards,

Burak KALAYCI, Manitu Group

2:32 AM  
Blogger SnoboJohan said...

Flv to Swf Documentation (Translated from German by BabelFish:

can be found at: DokumentationGeneral information

FLV2SWF should be put down into that IS listing of the Web server. Optionally it can be served also by console. Absolute call by Browser:


Call by console:

flv2swf.exe -i input.flv -o output.swf

Expenditure (1:1) the Flash video file (flv) on the Fly

The parameter i indicates the video input file (flv), which can be converted. The expenditure is sent back at the Browser, no Flash file (swf) is written:


Relative and absolute paths can be used likewise:


Video expenditure in Flash:

If the input file (flv) is missing, a message with &error=can't open file is returned:

mc.loadMovie ("flv2swf.exe?i=input.flv");

Conversion (1:1) the Flash video file (flv)

The optional parameter o determines the Flash output file (swf), which can be written. Additionally to the Genierung of the file the expenditure at the Browser is sent back:


Convert without expenditure in Flash

In order to avoid the video expenditure in Flash after converting, the parameter must return be hung to the call:

mc.loadMovie ("http://localhost/cgi-bin/flv2swf.exe?i=input.flv&o=output.swf&return=0");

Conversion (batch) of files

All files, which are located in the listing, which was indicated i by and with the file dung flv to end, becomes converted into the appropriate Flash file (swf) and into the listing written that by o the parameter one indicated:


The indication of "\" or "/" after the file name is important only then these as paths is recognized. If the file is missing, this is provided. After successful conversion there is an expenditure &total=29 with the total number of the converted files.

Conversion of the Flash video files (flv) in the same file:


Recursive conversion (batch) of files

All files in the Unterordnern, which are located in the listing, which was indicated i by and with the file dung flv to end, becomes converted into the appropriate Flash file (swf) and into the listing written that by o the parameter one indicated, if the parameter r is along-sent:


Proportional scaling video

The optional parameter s indicates the scaling factor in per cent, to e.g. 50 for the halving the width and height of the film:


Pixel-exact scaling video

The width and height of the video expenditure can be stopped with the optional w parameters h and:


Storage of textual informations

With the optional parameter t any text in the variable t the Flash file (swf) is stored:


Restriction of the write rights

With the help of the file flv2swf_paths.txt in ARE listing can the write rights on the server be limited. If this file should not be present, the program possesses write rights for Flash files (swf) on the whole server. This possibly represents a safety risk.

If this file exists and is however completely empty, then no write rights on the server are granted to the program. The expenditure of Flash video files (flv) functions nevertheless to on the Fly, in order to save connections with the Macromedia Flash Communication server MX.

If the file is present, then the output file (swf) may begin including path, only with character strings, which in the file. Several paths, in each case one can be given per line. For safety reasons it is recommendable to use absolute paths. Structure of example of the flv2swf_paths.txt:


For safety reasons it is to be overwritten not possible different Flash files (swf). If this is nevertheless tried, receive the error message &error=file exist back.

Stored video data

The following variables are along-stored with the generation of the Flash file (swf):

wid Width of the film
hei Height of the film
len Number of Frames
fps Framerate (with -1 no video is merged)
sec Length in milliseconds
snd Sound format (with 0 no sound is merged)
s Scaling factor
t Textual information

Error messages

The following error messages (&error) can be returned when converting:

no input file specified No Flash video file (flv) indicated.
no output file specified No Flash file (swf) was indicated.
output name must end with .swf Wrong file dung for the output file.
output name to short The length of the output file name must amount to at least 4 indications.
can't open file An input file could not be opened, e.g. because no read access exists.
invalid file size When opening a file an invalid file length was recognized.
file exists The output file existed already and would be overwritten, if the Flash file (swf) under the indicated output file name would be stored.
path not found in flv2swf_paths.txt There is a flv2swf_paths.txt file, but the path of the output file is not noted in this file.

Function calls of NetStream.send

The noted function calls of a Streams are also converted into the Flash file (swf) and called when playing accurately temporally again. The method is called in the range of validitythis() of the Flash file (swf).

With the parameter transfer only one stringer parameter is permitted. Are if several parameters along-hand over to become, this must happen in "a;b;c" the format, the parameters can by separately String.split (",") be selected later.


At the beginning of the film (swf) the function this.onStart(); is called and at the end this.onEnd(); the function. The function onEnd is already pre-defined:

this.onEnd = function () {
this.gotoAndPlay (2);

The functions onStart and onEnd can be overwritten to the shop of the first Frames by a surrounding film to stop e.g. in order the video.

Streaming sound prevent

In order to avoid the Streamingverhalten of the sound within a Flash file (swf), must be given when converting nosound the parameters. This is meaningful e.g. with an Snapshot application:


11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, it comes down to Nellymoser Audio codec.

thanks for the information though

-- Meowmeow

Here is my execution output.

flv2swf.exe 12315.2228.flv test.swf

**** flv2swf 1.2 (c) 2003 by Frank P. Baumgartner - ****

- FLV version: 1
- Flags: 04h
- framerate: 1
- width: 550
- height: 440
- warning: unsupported nellymoser audio compression found: skipping audio data!
- converting data ...

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried flv2swf and only got a Dr.
Watson error every time I tried to
run it. :(

Has anybody made any progress on

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think bottom line is Nellymoser codec for the decoding of fcs recorded file. This is comercial proprietary code. So any free tool ffmpeg and all other solution would not work.
If it works, there will be legal consequence.

Either Macromedia or Nellymoser has to release their decoder available for the public.

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get only "ffmpeg.exe" from riva encoder. It's a dos program. Copy it in the folder where your .flv file is. Go to dos prompt and change it to that directory where files are and type:

ffmpeg -i "input_file.flv" -b 360 -r 29.97 -hq -ab 128 -ar 44100 -acodec mp3 -vtag divx "output_file.avi"

where "input_file" is your .flv file, and "output_file" is the name of your new .avi file.

Works 100%! Personally tested! Njoy!

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've a made a little program for linux that can convert extract FLV audio to mp3, check it at

12:15 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont know if any resolution has been made BUT I found a program that encodes. I got it to work 2 times and then no go. I must have changed the setting somewhere along the line. Can someone tweek it and find out the correct settings? The program is from and it is the MPEG encoder. Hope this helps! Please email me if you get something going with it! PLEASE!

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that it was a .flv file to a .wmv file. Thanks, Amy

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh finally!

After trying everything from a hundred sites. I'm confirming that ImTOO MPEG Encoder 2.1.59 build-0206b will convert (even batch convert) flv files to avi, mpg, and wmv that I've tested so far.

Default settings for a 3 min video are
AVI - 60 Mb
MPG - 45 Mb
WMV - 31 Mb

The AVI and MPG seem lossless, but the wmv looks grainy to me.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


if u can rip the sound out of the file as above u can use HYPERCAM to record the video to avi format and then use VIDEOMACH to combine the sound and audio :)

simple works


4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found Moyea Flash to Video Converter is the best software that can convert flv or swf to other format.

Almost all the problem above has been solved, such as: Asynchronization of video and audio.

and it has:
1. Smooth sound with high audio quality,
2. high video quality,
3. Smooth playback of video and animations, and perfectly process complicated Flash files
4. Accomplish the Flash Alpha effect in the converted video

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't get the video out,myself but a program I use tells me .flv file I'm working with has a mpeg4 audio track. If that info helps anyone?

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to extract mp3 flv use mplayer:
Download mplayer
then type this from the command line

C:\> mplayer "file.flv" -dumpaudio

Then change "stream.dump" to "file.mp3"

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of you obviously don't get what is going on. You keep telling us to use mplayer and ffmpeg. They DO NOT work with the Nellymoser codec that is now implemented with Adobe's Flash Media Server. The FLV files you are converting are older files that have an MP3 audio track. The files generated from the Flash Media Server now use the Nellymoser codec, which is closed source and therefore can NOT be decoded by ffmpeg and mplayer. So get on track, figure out what we are doing, and please quit wasting our time with old, outdate methods that were ALREADY tried.

4:57 AM  
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I think bottom line is Nellymoser codec for the decoding of fcs recorded file. This is comercial proprietary code. So any free tool ffmpeg and all other solution would not work.

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