Friday, February 04, 2005

User specified Google AdSense Ads. Is it useful?

I love Google, we all love Google. We love Google Labs, Gmail and the AdSense program (cuz - In theory - we make money on our Blogs) but I have some thoughts (not doubts) about some issues.

Google is currently Beta Testing a new AdSense function that allows the user to specify a subject of interest See it here on the left is a "skyscraper" block with the feature. Ok that's really Cool. I can choose to see ads about other related subjects... after the first click I can even specify whatever subject I want to see ads about. And that's when I start questioning it! Some discussions about this I've seen have emphasized on the control needed by the webmaster from their AdSense admin area. See Google Testing True User-Specified Ads.

Many others have been more positive:
"This is a just unbelievable idea. Google is truly pushing the idea that its ads are more than just ads, they're useful, and I commend it."

My biggest question and concern is if it's useful. Unless the personalization goes further this feature is cool but useless! Just like the Google Suggest! Because if I'm to interested in "Personal injury claims" and "Claims Court" and want to now more about lets say "Auto Insurance" I would probably Google for it ... not navigate in a little ad Space...

But both "choose youre ad" and Google suggest could be very useful if they where merged with the Google Labs Personalized Search project and perhaps also with some logging of people’s history of searches... Like A9 Search. But now we are in deep, dark waters when it comes to internet privacy. But let’s not think about that for a minute. Google suggest was only a cool feature testing the XmlHTPPRequest object. But combined with personalization it can be a wonderful feature, just like Gmail's auto completion of addresses. I think this is even truer for the Choose Your Ad feature. If the Ads (and suggested other topics) were chosen by a mix of the page content and my personalized preferences and history they would potentially be dynamite effective...

The good people at Google have probably already thought about this and they can’t close their eyes for the privacy problems, third party cookies and Microsoft’s wish to block them out.

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The Google AdWords API beta program
"The AdWords API beta program is an open invitation to developers to explore new concepts (and then write great software) for managing Google AdWords advertising campaigns. Large advertisers can use it for their complex ad management needs, like tying product margins to optimized keyword bids. Third parties can use the API to build new interfaces to manage their client accounts. Best of all, an API enables the creation of all sorts of unanticipated ideas. In our experience, it's better to wear "Not Invented Here" as a badge of honor than as a chip on your shoulder. Come sign up for a developer token and show us what we've been missing."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might be on to something but dont agree that its useless to have suggested topics. Its a quick way to request pinpointed ads for users

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