Friday, January 05, 2007

The Venice Project

I have been testing The Venice Project for two days now. De distribution seems to be working very well. I sit in Nicaragua on a 256 cable modem...

But, they have on of the worst Interaction Designs I have ever seen in the application. It's very, very hard to find any good content.

I posted this to their suggestion forum:
I Love the project but you clearly have a whole lot of work to put in in terms of Interaction Design for Channel/Program browsing and search. It's already very hard to find content I'm interested in viewing, this will only get worse as more content is added.

Right now everything is based on browsing by channels... Channels that I don't know or care about. I want to find good content. I don't care what channel is providing it!

An EPG complemented by some user defined taxonomy and trend patterns might do the trick... Previews and/or multiple stillframes are also needed.

Maybe you already have some really good (and revolutionary) ideas in the pipe. Lets hope so, because when we move out from the scheduled Broadcast TV world on fixed channels the key to success will be content availability.

Also. Different types of content will need to be found in different ways... Latest news and sports will have to be browsed differently than Dramas and miniseries.

Quick response:
From what I have heard from the TVP team these features are coming when they get thier Back Office components working fully ,at the moment they are testing how all their systems scale .

Will wait and see.

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