Monday, February 07, 2005

Google vs A9 Image search

a9SearchThe Google weblog reports that: "...if you search for certain terms, it displays some images and a link to the equivalent Google Images search". Some example words are listed but when I try them I don't see any images or references to the image search. Maybe it's regional, I get the .se domain.

It would be nice though to be able to do simultaneous searches for Web, Images, Groups, News and Froggle on Google like on A9. On A9 you can also search simultaneously in the Yellow Pages and what's really cool are the Street level photos... Google’s biggest advantage has always been it's simplicity but now I'm turning more and more to A9. I even traded my Google bar for the A9 bar in Firefox. It's a time saver to use it. History and Simultaneous searches... but unfortunately no Groups... I would rather see Google implement features like these though. First of all because they would probably make it even better and second of all A9 is owned by Amazon and put up A9 to sell more on their online store (and Google is a Time-Warner company now I heard)...

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